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Having the advantage of an electrical house inspection can provide you with valuable information before you decide to purchase you home .
Whether you are deciding to renovate or just improve on your home appliances, just knowing the extent of the electrical wiring condition in the home can help you with your budget and planing for future appliance improvements.



Our electricians are licensed polite and informative to provide you with an honest approach to make you aware of the possible dangers or improvements needed to upgrade your electrical house wiring.

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Is A Regular Home Building Inspection Good Enough

So you have decided to make an appointment with a regular all in one home building inspection and will this be enough. Well normal home builder inspection companies provide building experts in their field and unless they are qualified electricians they just don' t have the right experience and knowledge in the electrical field to provide you with the help to future proof your decision.

Here are a couple of images that display some of the dangers found with our property inspections. You can see electrical cables not installed properly and down lights too close to timber frames with no fire protection covers.


What will be the difference you may ask yourself, an electrical house inspection can determine the existing wiring condition, consumer mains capacity and main earth condition. There would be nothing worse than to purchase new light fittings and find there are no earth points at your existing light points. 

Our electrician will inspect your property and our price range start from budget to an exclusive
report for your reference. Every detail will be explained so that you can understand the what you dealing with.

When you hire a property building inspection, unless they are qualified electricians their building report can be limited to simple electrical observation such as broken light fittings or light switches not working properly and most are not qualified to inspect the switchboard on the home.
Our lisenced electricians can take your home inspection one step further, the electrician on site can inspect the main switchboard for evidence of hot spots, test and find the main electrical earthing system, inspect the consumer mains size so that any additional air-conditioning or oven upgrades can be allowed for.
Our home electrical inspection also caters for your existing home, if you find some you are uncomfortable about your electrical system then its just a matter of contacting us today and plan your appointment for an inspection.
United Electrical Services can provide a cost for repairs and upgrades of your consumer mains an earthing system. This way you can receive an accurate price for you to budget should you decide to purchase the property.



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