How Much Does It Cost To Rewire A House

The cost of having your house rewired by a professional electrician can vary considerably depending on how many power points and light fittings you require, the layout and size of the house and ease of access under your flooring and in the ceiling space.

Nonetheless, it is of course possible to give some idea of the range of prices you can expect to pay for rewiring a house. The following points will bring to your attention some costs you may have forgotten about.


Costs Associated With Rewiring


Electrical Connection Fee's

If you are having house rewire and the cost includes to replace your consumer mains (the main cable supply to your house).  This will need the supply authority to be involved, they will disconnect and reconnect power from your old consumer mains box to the new installed consumer mains box. 

Another cost to your house rewire will be an electrical inspection fee. After your electrical rewiring is complete, normally after your truck appointment an electrical inspector will inspect and will pass of fail the electrical installation.

Consumer Units costs

Many people still refer to these as fuse boxes  or main switch-board. They are the point in the house where the electricity supply is split into different isolated circuits e.g. sockets, lighting, oven cooker, central air conditioning, 15 amp, 20 amp power points.

Each of these circuits is protected against overload by its own miniature circuit breaker (MCB). There will also be a main switch (for the whole supply) and there is likely to be an RCD (residual current detector / safety switch) . An safety switch will detect leakage current to earth (a potential fault scenario) and very quickly switch off the supply, hopefully preventing a serious or fatal electric shock.

However, you can still be killed messing around with electricity in the home! Both safety switches and MCB's can be reset after a fault via a small button next to them. The RCD (along with the mains switch) will often be included in the switchboard itself. A split unit allows some of the circuits to be on the RCD and some not.

What are the advantages? Well your freezer going off when on holiday due a minor fault elsewhere would be irritating (RCD's are sensitive) but you would be advisable to have the power circuits split evenly on the RCD for obvious safety reasons. Main switch board costs will  depending on whether they come with MCB's, and the number of safety switches needed to protect electrical circuits.

Rewiring Lighting and Power point sockets costs

This work includes all the lights (pendants or any other fixtures you want) and switches including for example having two-way switches at the bottom an top of the stairs. Simple pendants and switches can be bought cheap but of course fancier designs and different materials (brass for example) will cost more.

The actual fitting cost varies depending on the quality and finish, standard white fittings will be cheaper than brass or stainless steal switches and power sockets.The price per socket for a new house can be considerably cheaper when compared to rewiring an existing home with plaster on walls and ceilings.

Additional Items

There are loads of miscellaneous items/jobs around the house that need doing smoke detectors, bathroom fans, kitchen extractors, showers, pumps, central heating circuits, shaver points, burglar alarms and of course TV sockets.

It's worth thinking about how much extra cost and hassle it will be to add features to the house later rather than now if you're in the fortunate (hopefully) position of building your own house. So for example don't skimp on double rather than single sockets as the material cost different is minimal.

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